The New Cross GP Led Walk-in will be closing on the 31st of March. Patients can access appoinments via the GP Extended Access service.


WALK-IN patients

Please come to reception and sign in, and you will see the next available clinician.  We thank-you for your patience, as at peak times it can be very busy, and we are sometimes unable to give you an accurate estimate of waiting times.

Helpful Hint, What to expect from your walk-in appointment!

  • The service offered to any patient using the walk-in is limited to “immediate or same day treatment only”.

We ask that you access your own GP surgery for services such as management of chronic conditions, hospital referrals, medical certificates, and issues of repeat prescriptions.

  • We are happy to issue you an emergency supply of one week of repeat medication (with adequate evidence), and 1 month of repeat contraception.
  • Please note that we do not have X-ray or blood-taking facilities at the walk-in.

If you are experiencing a high volume of patients towards the end of the day, we may not be able to provide any further slots. In this instance we will help you find alternative services.

We will send a report about your attendance here to your GP by 08:00 the next day, provided you give us the correct details of your GP.

The walk in centre is staffed by both Nurse Practitioners and GPs and patients are added to a list to be seen in order of attending. Therefore patients may be called to be seen by either a nurse practitioner or a doctor.

The Nurse Practitioners are highly trained, skilled advanced Practice Nurses who can consult, diagnose and treat patients with minor ailments. Our team of Nurse Practitioners can also prescribe medications where required

Please see below a list of the services that the Walk- In Centre do and do not provide;