Address: Suite 3, Waldron Health Centre, Amersham Vale, London, SE14 6LD


If you are not registered with the Practice but are attending as a walk-in patient please come to the Practice and sign in with the Receptionists and you will be able to see the next available clinician

If you are registered with the Practice and wish to book an appointment for a set time please call the Practice number 020 3049 2370 to do so.Registered patients are welcome to come straight to the practice and book in in the same way that walk-in patients do when they will be able to see the next available clinician.


The New Cross GP Walk-in Centre opened on 1/3/10 and since then we have almost 3100 registered patients and see around 32,000 walk-in patients per year. We have become very busy over the years and one of the problems we face is long waiting times, particularly during peak periods (typically 12-4pm).

As a registered patient you have the privilege of pre-booking appointments with a doctor or nurse. We offer a wide range of services for our registered patients including child health surveillance, wound care/dressings, immunisations (inc travel), ear syringing, blood tests, hospital referrals and contraceptive/well women services. If you feel your problem can wait for up to 48 hours then please book accordingly. We do have some limited slots available for you to book on the same day for urgent problems, but we advise you call before 10am, otherwise we cannot guarantee a booking the same day. If you genuinely feel your problem is an emergency (this excludes urgent prescription requests), then you may come in as a walk-in patient but you may have to wait to be seen by one of the clinicians. The clinician may advise you if they felt your problem was not an emergency after seeing you.

Please use the service appropriately as you have the privilege of pre-booking appointments. It is not fair on other service users if emergency appointments are used inappropriately as everyone ends up waiting longer to be seen and we will have difficulty in maintaining an efficient service.

We do offer a walk-in service for service users who are not registered at our practice and can attend the walk-in centre for urgent problems. However, the services offered to unregistered patients are limited to “immediate treatment only” as they usually have their own registered GP surgery for a wider range of services.

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